Expatriate Experience Expertise

EXP International provides compliant solutions for contingent workforces on the move.


Solutions on every continent

With solutions on every continent and in all major market centres, EXP International are your first choice for dependable and hassle-free workforce management.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible solutions

Flexible solutions provide the right balance necessary for our agencies and contractors and our tailored solutions means you pay for only what you require.


Expertise and high level of service

We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our expertise and high level of service, which is something we are really proud of. You always know you are getting excellence with EXP.

EXP Services

EXP International Systems Ltd has a large international network allowing us to offer tailor-made workforce management solutions for consultants around the globe. We provide services in over 70+ countries. All back-office processes are handled within European borders ensuring quality and premium service in all that we do.

Services include:

Contract Management
  • Timesheet Control / Invoicing & Payment systems
  • Payroll
  • Contract Administration / Contractual support / Consultancy Agreements
  • Tax Accounting / Social Security / Pension advisory services
  • Local / work fiscal affairs / In-Country Compliance
  • Advice on home-country statutory affairs
Ancillary Services*
  • Visa / Work & Residence Permit processing
  • Business / Administration support
  • Immigration support
  • Relocation assistance
  • Meet & Greet / Accommodation services

* Specific ancillary services vary by country – Contact us for more details.

EXP offer services in the following locations.

Specific solutions vary by country so contact us to discuss details of your particular requirement.
On the map below, you can see that EXP is able to deliver services in every major continent (in white). 

Working with EXP

We keep it simple and consistent. You will never feel like a small client in a big pond with EXP as we focus individual and personal attention to whomever we do business with. Our clients can always expect excellent service, timely delivery, current market knowledge, fast processing, and that professional and personal touch that makes EXP just that little bit different and to us, that really counts!

Working with Contractors

Whatever your specialism, EXP International recognises that a contractor’s main purpose is not to be experts in tax, social security and employment laws of varying countries. Which is why EXP offer cross-border reliable solutions and valuable advice in over 40 countries around the globe, on every continent and major market centre.

EXP International can handle the management of your new placement from liaising with your agency, end user, all the way through to assisting you on arrival in country on your new assignment.

Moving can be stressful and demanding, so EXP International aims to provide a comprehensive service so you can have confidence in your next move. We provide both a compliant set-up and in-country support seeing you through from start to finish.


Working with Agencies

The back office administration of contract management and payroll is time consuming, risky and distracts from an agency’s ability to focus on their core business of recruitment. By outsourcing the management of your mobile contractors, agencies can produce a higher bottom-line because resources are reallocated back to the key objective of developing business and placing more personnel.

Our in-house experts stay current with the latest in tax, employment and social security legislation so our clients and contractors can have faith in our compliant and efficient solutions.

The high level of services received by the EXP team ensures all parties involved receive what they need in a timely, efficient way and benefits the agency, contractor and end user.


Our Team

At EXP our staff aim to provide the highest level of professional, accurate and reliable services. EXP Staff and associates have over a decade of industry experience and work with leading industry experts to ensure our experience is always the most current available on the market.

Manish Patel

Director - Business Development

Saurabhi Singh

Client Service Manager

Louis Paes

Director - Business Development


We understand the importance of ensuring contractors are paid on time and their affairs are managed in the correct way which is why EXP is part of the “International Management Company Group” which is a union of firms which strongly believe in the robust financial processing elements of running their business affairs in compliant fashion along with sound business planning.

With several Admin/Finance centres across Europe one such company specialising in AFRICA is Nuage Consultancy Services, a business partner to EXP. With a specialist Team Nuage Consultancy Services is highly recommended to manage and support contractors in a wide range of countries in this unexplored territory. There are other companies associated with EXP who also strongly believe in our ideas and help to support and manage the contractors.